Is Paleo Suitable For Children?


Is Paleo Suitable For Children?

I can imagine it though; you are completely enthusiastic about Paleo, you feel good, mountains more energy, less kilos, no cravings for bad food, but

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I can imagine it though; you are completely enthusiastic about Paleo, you feel good, mountains more energy, less kilos, no cravings for bad food, but you still give your children their daily sandwich and candy / cake.

Paleo and children, we get a lot of questions about it every day, especially from concerned mothers who wonder if that goes together.

Eva Witsel is a blog mom (for the hobby), and an active Paleo’er and she also raises her children in this way. She wrote this article for us before and on her own blog you will find many more tips! If you have any questions based on this article or Eva her other blogs, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments, then we might be able to follow up this story again weer

What if your child no longer consumes grains and calcium, does it run short? A comparison with the disk of five!


Grains play a prominent role in the disk of five, they even have their own disk 🙂 They are important because of:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins and minerals.

But the question is, are they necessary? Or better yet, are grains the best source of these nutrients? No and no. Let’s run all three briefly.

You will find carbohydrates in many nutrients. Carbohydrates are found in fruit, honey, tubers such as parsnips and in all kinds of vegetables, such as pumpkin, tomato, etc. All healthy foods that fit within a Paleo diet.

Grains contain fiber, but not all fibers are created equal. Fruit and vegetables also contain fiber, but healthier varieties than in grains.

Grains contain vitamins and minerals, but these are also found in vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and seafood. And in most of these even much more than in grains! In addition, grains contain substances that make the absorption of the vitamins and minerals more difficult, so that you cannot even absorb them properly.

In addition: Grains contain substances that in many people irritate the intestinal wall so much that it is damaged by it. With all kinds of unwanted consequences for your health.

Conclusion: The nutrients carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins / minerals are important for growing children, but there are all kinds of sources where these nutrients are more than in grains. So as long as you replace the grains in your diet with healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish and nuts, the total nutritional value of your child’s diet will * get * higher if your child stops eating grains.

Do you get a calcium deficiency without dairy?

Parents are always urged that growing children need a lot of calcium for healthy bone growth. That is why it is recommended to give your children dairy products every day. If you eat Paleo without dairy, will your children get enough calcium?

Before wondering if a dairy-free diet is healthy, it’s important to consider whether it is necessary to cut dairy from your children’s diet. Dairy belongs to the ‘gray area’ within Paleo. If your kids are good at digesting dairy and are not intolerant, they can continue to eat fine dairy. Pay attention to the quality of the dairy, choose organic, full fat and preferably grass-fed cows (or goats, etc.).

If you’ve eliminated dairy for a while and your child doesn’t respond well when you reintroduce it, he / she shouldn’t eat it. How do you prevent a calcium deficiency?

Calcium is not only found in dairy, but also in many other foods.

Calcium is not only found in dairy, but also in many other foods. A well-balanced Paleo diet provides sufficient calcium through, among other things, green leafy vegetables, organ meats and bone broth.

In addition, it is important to know that calcium in your body interacts with all kinds of other vitamins and minerals. For example, to make a good contribution to bone health, calcium works together with vitamin D and vitamin K2. It does not make much sense to focus too much on the amount of calcium that your children consume through their food. It is better to increase the * overall * nutritional value of their diet so that they get enough of all the nutrients.

Is Paleo Suitable For Children?

Does a Paleo diet not contain too much meat?

The stereotypical image of a Paleo meal is a big plate of meat 🙂 But that’s not right. If you eat Paleo, you often eat more vegetables than a vegetarian!
However, my children do you a great favor with a plate full of meat for dinner! 😉

A well-balanced Paleo diet for kids includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, herbs, spices, healthy fats, and yes, meat, fish and seafood too. So it is a versatile food with plenty of room for variation.

For the quantities it is important to look carefully at what your child needs. If your child eats a meal with, for example, mainly carbohydrates and soon feels hungry again, try adding a little more protein to the meal next time. In this way, experiment with the amounts of fat, carbohydrates and protein. What * your * child needs is paramount, after all, one child is not the other. How active your child is, for example, has a major impact on his carbohydrate needs.

Nutritional value is paramount within a Paleo diet

Paleo is a very healthy way of eating. One of the main ideas within Paleo is to increase the nutritional value of your diet. That is why there is a lot of talk about the quality of food, such as meat from bovine or non-grass-fed cattle. And a lot of thought is given to how the food has been processed, as in the case of dairy products it is recommended to opt for the fatty version. Another good example of increasing the nutritional value is eating organ meats that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

A logical consequence of this is that Paleo is very healthy and contains all the nutrients that a child needs.

Provide adequate carbohydrates and fats
Whether a diet is healthy for you and your child, mainly has to do with its practical interpretation. If you translate a Paleo way of life into eating Paleo cookies all day, this is not a big improvement over the standard Dutch diet.

A healthy interpretation of a Paleo diet for children is varied, pay attention to the nutritional value of food, and contains enough carbohydrates and fats.

Is Paleo Suitable For Children?