7 Ways to Move More Secretly


7 Ways to Move More Secretly

An active life does not necessarily mean that you are in the gym 7 days a week. Unfortunately, the opposite is increasingly happening in the Netherlan

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An active life does not necessarily mean that you are in the gym 7 days a week. Unfortunately, the opposite is increasingly happening in the Netherlands. People are “busy”, have “no time” or “do not like sports”. With these 7 ways you secretly move that little bit extra in a day that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. So no more excuses.

1. Wash the car
You can secretly make a full-body workout from a thorough overhaul for your car. Drop through your legs to scrub the wheel covers. Alternate large circular movements with small ones to remove the flies from the paint. In short, see it as your mission to get that car back just as radiant as when it came out of the garage.

2. Gardening
Weeding, digging the garden, cleaning the joints of your roof terrace, with gardening you can combine being outdoors with a lot of movement. The result of your hard work afterwards is extra motivating. When the new plants are back in place or your tiled terrace is clean again, that gives extra satisfaction.

3. Groceries on foot or by bicycle
More and more people do their shopping by car. One of the easiest ways to get more exercise during the day is to do your shopping on foot or by bicycle.

4. Some extras when walking the dog lunge
Do you have a dog? Then you are probably already doing a daily round. It may also be a “distributed task” in your household. Then alternate this task with something else. In other words, exchange. In addition, you can also build in some extra activities while walking. For example, make a few lunges between walks. With that you step out with one leg and with your other leg with your knee to the ground. Then you switch legs. You can also bring a ball or Frisbee to play around with your four-legged friend on a dog playing field. Don’t you have a dog? Ask friends, acquaintances or neighbors if you can “sit dog”.

5.Take the stairs
Of course, the “Take the stairs a bit more often” cannot be missing from this list. Yet I am still regularly surprised, for example at the station, that for many people this is not yet a logical alternative to queuing to be allowed to use the escalator. You are both faster above and you are right with a little extra movement.

6. Try something new
Trying new things gives new energy. Plus, because your body is not yet used to a certain activity, it will have to do its best. Figure out something that you find even triggers a bit of tension. For one it will be dancing, for the other karate, archery … it doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it is something new.

7. Drinking a cup of coffee together?
“We have to catch up again soon with a cup of coffee or tea.” Why not use this moment to take a walk in the woods or in the city together. Nowadays you can get a coffee-to-go almost everywhere or take a thermos from home. This way you combine fun with a bit of exercise.

I don’t have time = it’s not a priority
Besides that you can try one or more of the above ways to move more, it is also worth keeping an eye on your time spent. Just as it is interesting to keep track of what you actually eat, keeping track of what you really do one day often gives surprising insights. When it comes to moving and training, the aspect “time” often plays a role. But is this really the case? Or is it a matter of priority. Give it a try and then determine whether that time on the www, Facebook, in front of the TV or “working at your desk when you actually can not call it working” is the most important time spent for you.

7 Ways to Move More Secretly