Cholesterol is a greasy wax that is essential for life. Substance. Cholesterol brain, nerves, heart, intestines, muscles, It is widely found throughou

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Cholesterol is a greasy wax that is essential for life. Substance. Cholesterol brain, nerves, heart, intestines, muscles, It is widely found throughout the body, especially the liver. Cholesterol is taken with food or produced in the body. Body cholesterol using hormone (cortisone, sex hormone ….), vitamin D and oils produces bile acids that digest. If too much cholesterol in the blood if it accumulates in the blood vessels and the blood vessels harden, causes narrowing (arteriosclerosis). For arteriosclerosis in the community Expressions such as arteriosclerosis and vascular calcification are also used. Undesirable result of high cholesterol causes vascular stiffness It is open.

Cholesterol is an oily substance. Normally, the oil is in the water insoluble. Cholesterol is normal in the blood, which also has water features. insoluble in conditions. Cholesterol for blood dissolution and transport combined with a protein in the liver (packed). With cholesterol protein combination is called lipoprotein. Different types of lipoproteins has:

  • LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein): Bad is benign cholesterol.
  • HDL (High Density Lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein): Good is benign cholesterol.
  • VLDL, IDL and chylomicrons.

Another blood made by patients with fat metabolism disorder The examination is also the measurement of triglycerides. Triglyceride, like cholesterol it is a blood-soluble oil. Arteriosclerosis with blood triglyceride level The relationship between is not as pronounced as cholesterol.

What is the importance of cholesterol?

Cardiovascular diseases Death in world countries and are common problems that lead to permanent injuries. Death in developed countries Among the causes of cardiovascular diseases are the first and high correction of problems such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity these deaths can be prevented or delayed. Heart and vessel cardiovascular risk factors to facilitate diseases is called.

High blood cholesterol and malignant cholesterol risk and high cholesterol is a cardiovascular risk factor. Low HDL-cholesterol is also a risk. You have this risk patients with heart attacks, strokes, vascular occlusion, kidney failure diseases are more likely to occur. Harm of high cholesterol to the body Slowly cholesterol in the blood (over the years) accumulates in the vessel wall. Shrinkage in that vein as a result of this accumulation, occlusion occurs. This situation impacts dirt in a water pipe. can be compared to the accumulation. Just as water pipes bring our homes to life, veins also bring our body to life. In what vein is cholesterol If it accumulates, problems and diseases associated with that vein occur. affects vascular-related life.

Signs and symptoms in high cholesterol are often sudden cholesterol does not depend on elevation, prolonged elevation of cholesterol in the vessel It is the result of cholesterol accumulation in the wall. So if your cholesterol increases to 2-3 times its current value and 3-4 hours Even if it remains high, it may not hurt you in the short term. The real problem prolonged high cholesterol.

This is the accumulation of cholesterol in the vessels that supply the heart (coronary artery) chest pain, heart attack and causes problems such as heart failure. The result of these is the patient coronary by-pass surgery (surgically eliminating stenosis removal) or angioplasty (balloon-narrowed coronary artery widening) or stent (an inserted into the expanded artery tube).

Cholesterol accumulation in the neck vessels that nourish the brain paralysis, speech disorders, unbalanced walking, loss of consciousness leads. High blood pressure and cholesterol accumulation in kidney vessels can lead to kidney failure. Cholesterol in the main artery (aorta) accumulation is also dangerous. Cholesterol deposits that break off here they can clog small vessels and cause many different problems: By blocking the vessels that feed the intestine, blind by blocking his veins, gangrene by blocking his leg veins … they can lead.

The patient is late when cholesterol-related problems occur may have remained; therefore preventing high cholesterol, it is very important to lower it if it is elevated.

Why cholesterol rises

There are many factors that affect cholesterol level. These factors
some are preventable. Some of those:

1. Hereditary factors
2.foods you eat
5. Factors such as stress increase cholesterol and malignant cholesterol.

Regular exercise raises benign cholesterol and malignant reduces cholesterol.

Up to age 60-65, cholesterol level increases with age. from Menopause First, cholesterol is lower in women than in men. menopause LDL-cholesterol increases together, HDL-cholesterol decreases. You are 50 years old Cholesterol on women is often higher than men. Multiple causes of high cholesterol in most patients there are: nutrition, hereditary factors (causes from parents) and adverse environmental conditions (such as nutrition, inactivity, smoking) causes that can be corrected) merging cholesterol causes it to rise. The hereditary factor that leads to high cholesterol in many patients is numerous.

In a small proportion of patients, there is another there is a disease. To examine these diseases by dividing them into two possible:

1. Hereditary fat metabolism diseases
2. Other diseases causing fat metabolism disorder: This diseases affecting fat metabolism, They cause triglyceride to rise.

A. Hypothyroidism: Inadequate functioning of the thyroid gland
B. Liver diseases
C. Some kidney diseases
D. Sugar disease
E. Obesity
F. Much alcohol consumption
G. Some drugs
H. Other diseases

As you can see, there are many reasons for cholesterol increase, before using the medication to lower high cholesterol. diseases need to be investigated.


High cholesterol can be treated for cardiovascular diseases. is the risk factor. The purpose of the treatment is that the patient
to reduce risks, to ensure you live healthier and safer. For example, on an intercity road, the speed limit is 90 km per hour. Way it may be empty, but as you increase your speed, your risk of a traffic accident increases because it’s caused by the road, your car, the wheels, or you problems can always arise and you can crash. Therefore you must comply with speed limits to reduce your risk. cholesterol watching the desired level and driving speed by following the speed limits can be compared because you have the chance to control the risks in your life you have.

Heart and vein by controlling high cholesterol deaths due to diseases are reduced and permanent injuries are prevented, even life expectancy has been proven precisely. Cholesterol In addition to its height, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, treatment of other cardiovascular risk factors, such as smoking It should be planned. If there is a disease that causes high cholesterol treatment should be done.

Treatment is carried out in 2 stages:

1. Non-drug treatment
2. Medication therapy.

Treatment for each patient has differences. Non-drug treatments definitely should not be neglected. Drug therapy is strictly under the supervision of a doctor should be.

LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) when targeting treatment It is preferred to be based on the level. Target LDL-cholesterol level It depends on whether the patient has cardiovascular disease.

Drug-free treatment, namely changing the lifestyle in addition to controlling the height of cholesterol increase It is also useful in prevention. The drug recommended for patients with high cholesterol Most of the treatments other than normal individuals for healthy life It applies. Patients should never neglect drug-free treatment. Patients with obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure The importance of changing the order of life increases. Life changing the order of cholesterol alone alone It can also reduce the dose of medication when needed. Negligence in drug-free treatments also reduces the chance of success of the drugs used to lower cholesterol.

Drug-free treatment

Below are the main points in changing the living order It is summarized:

1.Limiting dietary saturated fat and cholesterol intake
2. Bringing the patient to the ideal weight
3. Increasing physical activity
4. Abandoning smoking
5.Prevention of excessive alcohol
6. Restriction of salt intake in patients with high blood pressure
7. Other treatments

Healthy diet and the patient’s ideal weight to reach cholesterol height is indispensable conditions of treatment.

Fat patients should definitely be weakened and brought to the ideal weight. Even if the ideal weight is not reached, it is useful to lose weight. 4-5 weight loss Significantly reduces cardiovascular risk. Even losing 1 pound It is useful. Fat patients should be at least 10 kg attenuated. weight controlling high cholesterol as well as lowering other cardiovascular risk, such as blood pressure or diabetes Facilitates the control of factors as well.

Regular exercise (walking, running, swimming, cycling, gymnastics, step, aerobics, dance, working in the garden, tennis, ski …) cholesterol lowers, accelerates weight loss, facilitates blood pressure control and reduces cardiovascular risk. Exercise frequency at least 3 times a week, it should preferably be 5 times 30-45 minutes. Patients regularly they should make it a habit to exercise. Like heart disease those who have problems before starting the exercise program they must pass control. Patients collectively rather than drive use the means of transport, walk at short distances, he should walk rather than take the elevator. Physical activity in daily life It should be increased. Exercise to lose weight and control blood pressure It also helps. Exercise, to get back the given weight also prevents.

Smoking should definitely be stopped. Smoking is also like cholesterol levels is a cardiovascular risk factor. Smoking is also lung cancer, It also prepares the ground for lung disease, hemorrhage and many cancers.
Care should be taken not to gain weight following smoking cessation. The doctor telling his patient not to smoke can be believable he must not smoke.

Valid treatment of high blood pressure if the patient has high blood pressure non-drug treatments should not be neglected. High blood pressure and non-drug treatments applied at high cholesterol levels shows similarity. With additional nutrition in patients with high blood pressure the salt taken should also be reduced.

Diabetes should be brought under control. Using insulin if necessary, should not be avoided.

Alcohol intake should be strictly limited.

In studies conducted, cholesterol of nutrients such as walnuts, hazelnuts, garlic positive effects on balance (cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol lowering, raising HDL-cholesterol). This supplements to other treatments in patients with high cholesterol they can be used, but in excessive consumption of fatty foods such as walnuts It should be remembered that it can lead to obesity. I remind you once again that these foods can only be used to support other treatments.

Cholesterol and high blood pressure

There is no direct relationship between cholesterol and high blood pressure. So high cholesterol directly to high blood pressure, high blood pressure it does not cause high cholesterol. However, both are target and harm The place it gives is the same: Blood vessels. High blood pressure raises the pressure in the blood vessel, causing wear and tears. This means that the pressure in the water pipe can be compared to the problems associated with the increase. High cholesterol also, vascular narrowing of the vessels by causing cholesterol accumulation in the wall, leads to blockages. High blood pressure and high cholesterol increases the severity of the damage done to another’s vein and arises makes it quicker. Therefore, both cholesterol height and high blood pressure should be treated. Recommended for blood pressure treatment lifestyle changes are largely true for cholesterol (For those who want to learn more, the ‘Good’ I suggest my book “My Blood Pressure is Output”).

Is cholesterol high disease or a symptom?

Some people with high cholesterol have cholesterol-related problems those who claim that cholesterol is not harmful because it is not seen has. Heart attack often causes cholesterol, leading to vascular occlusion. non-microbial inflammation present there, not directly itself is the clot formed. Therefore, to reduce non-microbial inflammation and Treatment may also be required to prevent clotting (blood thinners). High cholesterol, especially due to bad cholesterol and cholesterol There is a direct relationship between the alleged problems.

These problems can be prevented and decreased by lowering cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Practically, is cholesterol a disease symptom or a risk factor? there is no difference between it, so lowering cholesterol is generally in favor of the patient. Topics discussed are cholesterol and who will use drugs.