5 diet tips for the summer


5 diet tips for the summer

Tip 1: Summer vegetables Tip 2: Summer fruit Tip 3: The BBQ Tip 4: Summer side dishes Tip 5: Summer desserts and snacks It's summer! Most peopl

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Tip 1: Summer vegetables
Tip 2: Summer fruit
Tip 3: The BBQ
Tip 4: Summer side dishes
Tip 5: Summer desserts and snacks

It’s summer! Most people find summer the most difficult time of the year to follow the low-carb diet, but it is not necessary at all. In this article we give some tips to get through the summer safely and low in carbohydrates. There are plenty of tasty summer products that you can eat while following a low-carb diet!

Tip 1: Low-carbohydrate summer vegetables:
In the spring and summer, Mother Nature gives us vegetables that grow quickly and contain less carbohydrates. For example, leafy vegetables and asparagus are the first low-carb vegetables to hit shelves in the spring. We have compiled a list of all low-carb vegetables you can eat while on a low-carb diet:

Low-carb vegetable list
Tip 2: Low carbohydrate summer fruit
Most fruits that grow in winter are rich in carbohydrates. Fruits that grow in the summer contain much less carbohydrates. Summer is therefore a great time to enjoy a bowl with all kinds of healthy summer fruit every now and then. For example, there are many types of fruit that you can eat when following a low-carb diet:

Raspberries or black currants (3.5 g carbohydrates per 50 g)
Strawberries (2.3 g carbohydrates per 50 g)
Watermelon (3.3g carbohydrates per 50g)
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Tip 3: Get the BBQ out!
Get rid of the casseroles, stews and soups. It’s time to grill meat on the barbecue! And no, if you do not use too much sauce and oil, barbecuing or grilling is not unhealthy. In summer you can enjoy a nice piece of meat. Check out some low-carb barbecue recipes here:

Marinated grilled shrimps
Chili-lime chicken skewers
Greek garlic chicken fillet
Grilled lime chicken with watermelon salsa
Tip 4: Summer side dishes
Of course, side dishes should not be missing from the barbecue. Check out some delicious fresh low-carb side dishes here:

Low-carbohydrate coleslaw
Israeli salad
Greek salad
Bacon, egg, avocado and tomato salad
Tip 5: Summer desserts and snacks
During the summer many people often have a few weeks vacation. Because you have more free time, it is more tempting to snack now and then. But we have also found a solution for this. There are plenty of low-carb snacks that you can enjoy during the summer. Below you will find some:

Vanilla coconut ice cream
A protein shake like this avocado and vegetable tea powershake
Hüttenkase with strawberries
Lettuce wraps filled with turkey fillet and bacon
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It is not impossible!
As you can see it is not impossible to get through the summer low in carbohydrates. Of course you should also enjoy occasionally, but this is also fine without too many carbohydrates. If the temptation for carbohydrate-rich food is really too high, you can “take a day off” from the diet once a day, once a week. On this day you eat slightly more carbohydrates than usual. This will not hurt and may be good for your motivation. Do you have any tips for the summer? Let us know by commenting below!

5 diet tips for the summer