Low Carb Diet + Recipes


Low Carb Diet + Recipes

I discovered the power of the low-carb diet exactly 5 years ago. When I wrote this blog I did not know what happened to me… I suddenly got so many vis

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I discovered the power of the low-carb diet exactly 5 years ago. When I wrote this blog I did not know what happened to me… I suddenly got so many visitors. Then I thought: “I have to do something with this!”.

And that’s how I completely threw myself into the low-carbohydrate diet… I love to cook. Every day I was in the kitchen trying new recipes.

Then I wrote my bestseller book and now the low-carbohydrate 50 day program is one of the most popular low-carbohydrate diets in the Netherlands.

In this blog I share the most important insights I have gained over the past 5 years. This way you know exactly what to expect if you eat less carbohydrates.

This is what you will discover in this blog:

Do you also think you have to go hungry to lose weight? That you have to live on a cracker with cheese?
That you have to exercise yourself drowsy to lose weight?
The short answer is NO! Read on quickly and you will receive practical tips for putting kha food into practice.
In short; you will discover how tasty and easy a low carbohydrate diet can be.

But I have to warn you: if you think you can make it with just picking some free recipes from the internet, then you are wrong… I can assure you that.

Because if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then you have to know exactly what you should eat in order not to run into deficits in your diet …

Content of this article

With the tips and information below you will get practical tips for following a low-carbohydrate diet. I will show you step by step what it takes to get a grip on carbohydrates.

1.8 Golden Rules for Eating Kha
2.Why follow a low carbohydrate diet?
3.How many carbohydrates can I eat?
4.What are fast and slow carbohydrates?
5.Meat, fish and poultry are low in carbohydrates
6.What about carbohydrates in vegetables?
7.Can I eat fruit according to the low-carbohydrate diet?
8.Free weekly menu + recipes
9.Is a low carb diet difficult to maintain?
10.What excuse do you use to not cut down on carbohydrates?

Extra Tips for Low Carb Eating

Help with low-carbohydrate eating
But first my 8 Golden Rules for the low-carb diet:
Before we delve deeper into the low-carb diet, I’d like to give you my golden rules for low-carb food.

Follow these rules for a lean and happy life … Because that’s what I want you to do. A life full of energy and happiness?

Now I stop talking and give you my top 8 tips for a low-carb lifestyle.

Avoid white foods (pasta, rice, sugar, white bread, potatoes) at all times.
Eat the same meals over and over. There are approximately 47,000 products available in the supermarket. But a small portion of this doesn’t make you fat. Choose 3 to 4 meals that you like and where there is enough variety (note: green vegetables and healthy fats). You can make these meals over and over again. That easy, of course?
Do not drink calories. If you want to lose weight, isn’t this an easy thing to do? Of course you can make exceptions like a good glass of red wine in time (maybe even every night?).
Keep your fruit intake to a minimum. Let me explain this. I have come across new research showing that Fructose is stored as fat faster than other sugars. It is always said that fruit is super healthy and it probably will be. But do you also need it? If you look at our prehistoric ancestors, they also only ate fruit when the season came. I would limit fruit to 1 or 2 pieces per week. Preferably on your cheat day. You can read all about fruit on the low-carb diet below.
Cheat days! it is important to have a very high calorie intake once a week. This stimulates your metabolism and is therefore good for weight loss.
Eat more! I know, it may sound very strange to say this… If you are just starting out with a low carbohydrate diet, then I advise you to eat a lot. You mainly eat super healthy foods. They usually contain fewer calories than you are used to. Prevent hunger and binge eating and make sure you eat enough. By the way, did you know that you cannot overeat vegetables, for example?

  • Eat enough healthy fats.
  • Eat enough (green) vegetables.

Why follow a low carbohydrate diet?
Let’s first ask why we should actually eat less carbohydrates? Many women opt for the low-carb diet for weight loss. But at the same time, your body also needs carbohydrates as a source of nutrition. How exactly does this work? First, let’s see what exactly carbohydrates are and what they do to your body.

Are carbohydrates sugars?
Carbohydrates, also known as sugars or saccharides, are a source of energy for our body. They are converted into glucose in your body, so you get energy from it. You can read more about this in our article about carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates make you fat …
If you eat too many carbohydrates, there is a surplus of glucose. Your pancreas will produce too much insulin as a result. And your body cannot absorb all this. As a result, sugars in your blood are stored as fat.

Also, the fat burning in your body is temporarily stopped. That is why it is so bad to get too many carbohydrates.

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I want to lose weight, do I have to stop carbohydrates?

It is not the intention to stop eating carbohydrates. The term low-carb is therefore somewhat misleading. After all, your body needs carbohydrates. Here are some tips that you can immediately apply to eat less kh:

Limit carbohydrates and use proteins and fats as the primary fuel.
Stop eating fast carbohydrates and sugars (no more junk food!).
Take the right amount of slow carbohydrates. You can easily get these from vegetables, fruit and nuts. You don’t have to eat quinoa, sweet potato or oatmeal.
Eat a varied diet.
Eat 300-500 grams of vegetables a day.
It is necessary to sin (for example once a week). The point is that you eat healthy 80% of the time… Because nobody can only eat healthy 🙂
Do not go on a diet. See low carbohydrates as your new lifestyle. Above all, eat what you like so that you can keep it up for the rest of your life.
TIP: “Do you want to follow a low carbohydrate diet? Then choose the Low-carbohydrate 50-day program! The recipes are easy and quick to prepare and you lose an average of 2 kg per week! ”. View my low-carbohydrate 50-day program here.

50 day KHA program (PDF)
Low carbohydrate Weekly menus for 50 days

How many carbohydrates can I eat?

How many carbohydrates can you eat if you want to lose weight? The answer to this question has to do with your situation. If you want to lose a lot of pounds of fat, then you choose a strict limitation of carbohydrates. If you want to lose only a few pounds, you can choose a moderate low-carb diet. In the following overview you can see for yourself which shape suits you.

Strict low carbohydrate diet
This is really a significant limitation of the number of carbohydrates. You need a strict low-carbohydrate diet if you are really too fat. For example if you are over fifteen kilos overweight. With a strict low-carbohydrate diet, you limit the number of carbohydrates to 10% of your total nutritional intake. Note: make sure you don’t go below 10%, because that would be unhealthy for your body.

In the case of a strict low-carbohydrate diet, the daily distribution of your food will look like this.

  • 10% carbohydrates
  • 45% fats
  • 45% fats

Moderate low-carbohydrate diet

With this variant on the low-carbohydrate diet, you will lose weight quickly, but slightly more gradually than the strict low-carbohydrate diet. A moderate carbohydrate diet is suitable for people who are considerably overweight.

It is significantly less intense, because you now eat about 20% of carbohydrates. You will also not be hungry, because you replace the carbohydrates for proteins and healthy fats. The distribution of your diet looks like this:

  • 20% carbohydrates
  • 50% proteins
  • 30% fats

Responsible low-carbohydrate eating

If you have reached your target weight, you can opt for a more balanced distribution between the number of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. You choose responsible low-carbohydrate food to maintain your new slim body for a long time.

Your diet is divided as follows:

  • Carbohydrates 30%
  • Protein 40%
  • Fats 30%

Ma’s tip: if you are much too fat, for example if you are over 15 pounds, do not immediately opt for a strict low-carbohydrate diet. Use responsible low-carbohydrate food as a first step. You can then switch to a moderate or strict low-carb diet. And when your target weight is reached, you can switch back to responsible low-carbohydrate eating.

What are fast and slow carbohydrates?
Did you know there are two types of carbohydrates?

Fast carbohydrates
These are quickly absorbed by your body, so you get a surplus of glucose faster and you get fat faster. Fast carbohydrates are often in processed foods. This means that it is made in a factory. Sugar is often added to the product. Even yogurt nowadays contains sugar.

Slow carbohydrates
Slow carbohydrates are high in fiber. Your body needs more time to digest it, which means that the carbohydrates are absorbed much more gradually. Slow carbohydrate foods are often unprocessed foods. Food that comes straight from nature, as it were. If you are unsure whether a particular type of food contains fast or slow carbohydrates, find out how it came about.

  • Avoid fast carbohydrate foods:
  • Potatoes
  • White rice
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Sweets such as pastries, chocolate and cake
  • Fast food
  • Replace it with products with slow carbohydrates:
  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet potato
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Quinoa
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Meat, fish and dairy are always low in carbohydrates!
  • Meat, fish and dairy are low in carbohydrates

Did you know that meat, fish and poultry do not contain carbohydrates? If you want to lose weight, it is therefore wise to eat meat, fish and poultry regularly.

But which types of meat and fish are best to eat? Here are some tips for meat, fish and poultry:

Eat chicken or turkey twice a week
Red meat once a week is sufficient
In addition, it is good to eat semi-fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon, eel or tuna twice a week.
Eat vegetarian twice a week. You can perfectly replace meat with egg and nuts.
Ma’s tip: Ideal dinner for weight loss: combine meat or fish with fresh vegetables. Just omit the carbohydrates.

What about carbohydrates in vegetables?
Most vegetables contain carbohydrates. Some vegetables are higher in carbohydrates than others. But remember the story above about fast and slow carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in vegetables are, by definition, slow carbohydrates.

So you don’t really have to pay so much attention to the number of carbohydrates in vegetables. Eat at least 300-400 grams of vegetables per day. And eat as much as you want. The only exception is if you are on a strict low-carb diet, you have to be careful with the type of vegetables you eat.

Tips for eating low-carb vegetables

  • Potatoes are not vegetables. And they are quite high in carbohydrates. Restrict eating potatoes.
  • Broccoli is low in carbohydrates and super healthy.
  • All lettuce and raw vegetables are very low in carbohydrates. You can eat as much of this as you want.
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes are delicious, healthy and 100% low in carbohydrates.
  • Bell peppers are low in carbohydrates.
  • Cauliflower contains slightly more carbohydrates, but is still a good choice.
  • Kale is healthy and contains almost no carbohydrates.
  • Zucchini does contain some carbohydrates, but you can certainly eat it.
  • Spinach is 100% low in carbohydrates

Did you know that you can use vegetables very well in a green smoothie?
Be careful with BEANS & PEAS. These are quite high in carbohydrates. Leave this on if you’re on a strict low-carb diet.

how many carbohydrates are there in vegetables?
Can I eat fruit according to the low-carbohydrate diet?
Some low-carb diets forbid you to eat fruit. But fruit contains very important fiber and vitamins that your body just needs. But fruit also contains carbohydrates. Although the healthy, slow carbohydrates.

That’s why I advise you to eat fruit. But do this as early as possible in the day and limit it to 1 piece of fruit per day. If you are on a strict low-carb diet, pay attention to the type of fruit you eat. A banana contains more carbohydrates than an orange or an apple. If you like bananas, you can choose to eat half or three-quarter banana.

Low carbohydrate snacks
I recommend that you eat often. Prefer to eat more often and eat smaller portions than 3 times a day. If you eat often, your metabolism remains activated and if you eat the healthy things, your body continues to burn fat. I recommend that you eat 3 low-carb snacks a day. Here I give you a few options:

Boiled egg
Few slices of chicken fillet or other cold cuts
5 Cherry tomatoes
Cucumber topped with smoked salmon or filet american
30 grams of 30+ cheese
Nuts of your choice
Bowl of organic low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt
Ma’s Tip: Interested in my 50-day weekly menus? Then take a look at my Low Carbohydrate 50 Day Program

Is a low carb diet difficult to maintain?
The big advantage of a low-carbohydrate diet is that it is not necessarily about eating less. It is mainly about eating differently. All experts agree, if you want to lose weight, you will have to eat less carbohydrates.

But how do you do this? What is important to replace the sugars and fast carbohydrates as much as possible for proteins and healthy fats. But as mentioned, you have to make sure you eat enough. So that you feel full.

But many women are afraid that they will go hungry and that they will no longer be able to enjoy tasty things. Is this fear justified? I investigated for you.

Spoil days during a low carbohydrate diet
Of course something has to change if you want to lose weight. You will have to eat less sugars and carbohydrates. But this does not mean you have to bite on from now on. On the contrary, because it is very important to continue to spoil yourself with good food. Did I call this concept pamper days?

How do I do this myself?
At home I usually eat very healthy (I hardly buy sweets, junk food and products with a lot of sugars). But when I am out, I enjoy what I want. But if you suffer from a sugar addiction and because of this you go to drink coffee every day at your favorite coffee shop (to be able to take that tasty piece of cake), then it works counterproductive.

Another possibility is that you only spoil yourself with good food on weekends. You can take 1 or 2 pamper days in the weekend. You just eat and drink what you want. This way you continue to enjoy good food and this ensures that you can maintain a low-carb lifestyle forever.

Did you know that it is very healthy to have a very high calorie intake once a week. This will disrupt your metabolism and this is good for losing weight!

What excuse do you use to not cut down on carbohydrates?
I see a lot of women who say they have no motivation or that a low-carbohydrate diet is too difficult to maintain. Therefore, they do not take action. They want to lose weight, but nothing happens next. Actually they just make excuses not to start eating low carbohydrates…

Because as you have read above, it is a fable that you can no longer enjoy tasty things. First, my low-carb recipes are very tasty and easy to make. And second, you can continue to enjoy good food on pamper days.

So you can start living this lifestyle without constantly having to say no and without going hungry.

Low Carb Diet + Recipes

Extra Tips for Low Carb Food:
Finally, I have some extra tips for you if you are going to start with a low-carbohydrate diet.

Eat bread? Bread is high in carbohydrates. Therefore, never eat more than 1 or 2 slices of bread per day. And it should be whole-grain, low-spelled or low-carb bread (preferred). How can you replace bread? Very simple, how about a tasty stir-fry egg with vegetables and bacon? You can vary endlessly with this. I also often take a delicious Greek yogurt for breakfast 🙂 Or a well-filled salad for lunch.

Potatoes and pasta. You can often just leave this out. Try it, such a nice big piece of meat or fish with lots of vegetables … Delicious! If you really can’t do without potatoes, take a little bit of sweet potatoes. If you really want to eat pasta, always choose whole wheat pasta. You can also opt for low-carbohydrate pasta. This is expensive and you can not buy in every supermarket. That is why I often omit pasta, potatoes and rice. You will find that you feel much tastier and healthier after meals if you only eat vegetables and meat. Moreover, you are full for a long time because of the proteins in meat. Use a lot of coconut oil or olive oil for baking, these are healthy fats. And it also gives you a saturated feeling.

By the way, have you heard of the warm-up technique? If you still want to eat pasta, rice or potatoes, it is better to let them cool first and then reheat them. That saves a lot of fluctuations in your blood sugar level. And this makes you less likely to sniff and snack?

Six eating moments a day? As said, losing weight is not about eating less. You should eat differently. It is good to eat often, this keeps your metabolism active. You can even eat 6 times a day. Of course you start the day with a healthy breakfast. After this you eat a nice morning snack (I often take a hand of nuts or a bowl of cottage cheese). After that it is already lunch time. After lunch, eat an afternoon snack (how about 3 slices of 30+ cheese with cucumber or 50 grams of chicken fillet?). Then it is time for dinner again. And then you have a nice evening snack. For example, a pickle with ham, a handful of olives or 3 slices of cucumber topped with smoked salmon.
Shopping? It all starts in the supermarket, of course. Pay close attention to what you get when you do your shopping. In any case, never go shopping hungry. And do your shopping in one go for the entire week. This reduces the chance of buying unhealthy food.


By writing this article – and the research that preceded it – I started eating low-carbohydrates myself. I notice that I have much more energy when I eat low carbohydrates. I can therefore recommend it to everyone. And you know, actually all experts agree … Permanent weight loss works best by eating low-carbohydrate recipes. You don’t have to eat less, it’s just a matter of eating differently.


Low Carb Diet + Recipes