Ways and Subtleties of Staying Fit


Ways and Subtleties of Staying Fit

Sometimes it seems impossible for us all to stay slim or fit. But as long as you change your lifestyle and set this standard in your life, it is possi

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Sometimes it seems impossible for us all to stay slim or fit. But as long as you change your lifestyle and set this standard in your life, it is possible to stay fit without dieting. So what should you do for this?

What should we do to keep fit, what should we pay attention to?

  • Set yourself realistic goals for this summer. Your most important goal should be to stay healthy and fit.
  •  You must be very active. Measure your mobility using a stride meter. The target should be at least 10 thousand steps.
  •  Waist circumference measurement is very important. It should be below 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men.
  • Remember the importance of the morning breakfast. It is the first condition to feel less hungry and be fit all day long.
  • If there is no water, there is no life. Be sure to meet your body’s daily water needs.
  • Do not confuse hunger and thirst. When you feel hungry, drink a large glass of water and check yourself.
  •  Do not skip meals. Reducing the number of meals increases the body’s ability to store fat and lowers the rate of calorie burning. So it gets harder to stay in shape.
  •  When you feel the need to eat a lot, stop and think. Is your eating needs really physical; or emotional?
  •  When you get your food wrong, take a few seconds and say, “How hungry are I still, should I continue?” ask.
  •  Try to get carbohydrates, protein and fat balanced in your meals. Strive to keep essential nutrients on your desk.
  •  Take advantage of nutrients by braking your appetite. For example; Cereals: Especially oatmeal and rye. Proteins: Especially fish, eggs and yogurt. Oil seeds: Primarily almond and hazelnut.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Especially broccoli, cabbage, apple, strawberry, avocado, cherry and all raw edible vegetables.
  • Use snacks to speed up your metabolism and take advantage of green tea and spices.
  •  It is important that you chew food for a long time to keep fit. It both satisfies your brain’s sense of taste and detects the satiety alert early. Thus, you will end the meal in a shorter time with a faster feeling of satiety.
  •  The multi-color and variety in your meals improves the sense of satisfaction, which causes us to eat less.
  •  Attention to light-diet products! What amount you consume is very important.
  •  Use the fresh vegetables and fruits available in the season and keep one of these options at your table at every meal.
  •  Give up quick meals and fast food to stay fit.
  •  For those who are very hungry, it is best to start the meal with low-fat soup and salad.
  •  Make sure to reduce the salt.
  •  If necessary, keep a diary of nutrition. Writing and reading what you eat gives you awareness.
  •  When eating out, do not be influenced by someone else’s choice and do not have a snack other than the food of your choice.
  •  Do not forget that you have the chance to say “I do not want the fried rice or fried potatoes with a side dish” in the food order.
  •  It is important to eat “right” rather than “little”. This is what matters for a healthy diet. Right and rational choices keep you tougher, make you happier and healthier.
  •  Do not punish yourself for your mistakes and do not end your diet. Every step you take is very important.
  •  You can find new challenges to deal with stress. Remember, you cannot eliminate stress by eating.


Ways and Subtleties of Staying Fit