Say Goodbye To Your Mop Arms


Say Goodbye To Your Mop Arms

Mop arms, salt arms, turkey necks, the most special nicknames I sometimes hear when people talk about the back of their arm. Especially with age, l

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Mop arms, salt arms, turkey necks, the most special nicknames I sometimes hear when people talk about the back of their arm.

Especially with age, ladies in particular notice that their triceps hang. How do you get them in good shape again? You can read more about it in this blog.

How to get your arms back in shape
The triceps is such a typical place on your body where fat tends to accumulate. You may have experienced it yourself. You lost weight, your pants size narrowed, but your arms still seemed to hang a bit. Long live “gravity”;). The solution to this phenomenon lies in the combination of the right food and the right training.

The right food against mop arms
As much as you would like it, losing fat locally is unfortunately almost impossible. In addition, the same applies to your triceps as to beautifully toned abs: you have to train them well for 20%, but 80% come from the kitchen. In addition, balancing between eating enough calories from good nutrition so that your fat percentage decreases, but you have minimal muscle loss.

The exact number of calories varies per person and depends on genes, body type and activities throughout the day. To still have an indication of what you need to receive (or to see whether you do not get too much or too little), you can use an app such as My Fitness pal. I find this very pleasant to work with, because it contains many different types of food and it also assumes pure and unprocessed food. When you’re already eating Paleo, you’re probably already leaving a lot of unhealthy food choices that can affect those pretty tight arms. Make sure you choose enough vegetables, proteins and be moderate with nuts. Although they are healthy fats, they are also very high in calories! In addition, drink a lot of water, at least 3 liters per day and make sure you sleep 8 or more hours per night. This will not only benefit figure, but also your overall health.

3 exercises for tighter triceps
If you want to tighten your arms and especially your triceps, this does not automatically mean that you should only focus on this, relatively small, muscle group. Precisely by doing exercises that also help fuel your overall metabolism, you end up losing that stubborn fat in the back of your arms. The following exercises involve an important part of your triceps, but also appeal to other, larger muscle groups. This gives you a win-win situation: higher combustion and good training for your arms. Add the following exercises to your workout routine or do them separately.

Try to make 3 sets of 8-12 reps. If you pass the 3rd set easily 12 reps, add 1 more set and add weight to the next workout.

Say Goodbye To Your Mop Arms

squat with overhead triceps extensionSquat with overhead triceps extension
Use two dumbbells for this exercise. Make sure that you can make at least 8 repetitions with its weight. Hold the dumbells at shoulder height, push your elbows up and lightly inward. Then drop into a squat towards the ground. Keep your elbows up and your back straight. Come up from the squat position. When you are at the top, push your arms up above your head. Then tilt them behind your head and then push them out above your head. Make sure to keep your arms close to your head as you push out.

narrow-push-up Push-up narrow

A challenging exercise. If you can’t do push-ups on your feet yet, no problem, do them on your knees. If that does not work, you can make this movement diagonally against a wall.
Stand in a push-up position, placing your hands close together so that you can make a diamond shape with your finger. So your fingertips point diagonally at each other. Then drop down until your chest touches the floor, then push upward, feeling the tension at the back of your arms.

Triceps dips

triceps dips You can easily do this movement on a box or bed edge. Sit with your back to the bed. Place your hands behind you on the bed edge and push yourself up. If this is not possible with stretched legs, put your feet on the floor. When you put your feet closer to you, the movement becomes lighter. Then drop down again until your buttocks touch the floor (do not sit down) and push yourself up again.

Say Goodbye To Your Mop Arms

Say Goodbye To Your Mop Arms