Losing weight: Cardio or Weights?

A new year is a time for many people to lose weight and start exercising. When you ask someone what to do, the first answer is often cardio. If you

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A new year is a time for many people to lose weight and start exercising.

When you ask someone what to do, the first answer is often cardio. If you ask what to do if you want to build muscle, the answer will most likely be strength training. But is this completely true? Do you better choose cardio or weights to lose fat?

Gyms run heyday in January. Many people focus on cardio. Hours of walking, cycling or Zumba, because the belief is that this burns fat. Unfortunately, this misconception has been made a lot. Focusing on cardio will not only hinder your progress, but also not give you the form you think you work so hard for.

Losing weight: Cardio or Weights?

The new rules

“Strength training is an essential part of any workout to stimulate long-term fat loss,” said Alwyn Cosgrove, author of “The New Rules of Lifting.” “From a metabolic perspective, muscles are” thirsty. ” The more muscles you have, the higher your burn. And this is exactly the benefit that strength training offers in losing body fat. A running belt or exercise bike is often seen as a means to lose fat quickly. They’re certainly useful if you want to burn extra calories and improve stamina, but strength training is a stronger ally. ”

Also keep in mind that with a good intensive strength training you can burn fat up to 36 hours after your workout. Sprinting really hard is just about the only cardio workout that can have the same effect.

Losing weight: Cardio or Weights?

Don’t I get too muscular?
Unfortunately, this myth still lives on. While the answer is very simple, no! Strength training naturally helps you improve curves. This makes for a more attractive physique. Many women in particular shy away from lifting weights, especially heavy ones (over 5-10 pounds). They think they are going to be “masculine” here … As I wrote in my previous blog about kettlebell training, women don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies to naturally develop this degree of muscle. In addition, as a woman you also have to eat decent amounts of food. Oh yes, and for the gentlemen, you too will not immediately look like a bodybuilder. At most as the (even) more attractive version of yourself;).

Time to shake things up
Imagine running 5 kilometers three times a week. Try circuit training instead. Start with 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions per exercise focusing on the major muscle groups: Squats, deadlifts, pull-ups or lat pulley and push-ups or bench presses. Take 30 minutes for this. Rest for about 2 minutes between sets. After this workout, run another 2 km. You will even notice that with this form of training you run 5 kilometers faster… while you have not specifically trained on it.

Try to make the switch to free weights, this will appeal to more parts of your body.

Do you already do strength training, but especially on machines? Then try to make the switch to free weights. When using this you address many more parts of your body, partly because you have to stabilize. Discuss your goals with a trainer. You can teach them the exercises if you are not yet familiar with them. Good form is essential to train injury-free and with results!

Lifting heavy weights increases your metabolism, gives your body more definition and increases your fat burning. How will you work on your training goals for 2014?

Losing weight: Cardio or Weights?