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Delayed Metabolism

If your body decides to slow down your metabolism, it has gone into survival mode. If you want to lose a lot of kilos in a short time, then you wil

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If your body decides to slow down your metabolism, it has gone into survival mode.

If you want to lose a lot of kilos in a short time, then you will succeed in the beginning, but at some point that waste process will stagnate. And of course you wonder how that is possible. I’ll explain!

Your body adapts to the situation it is in. Where it has been stuffed with food for years and just consumed a surplus of calories, and has therefore stored it as fat, it is now in survival mode. Your body does not know how long that crazy waste process of yours is going to last and so it focuses on less food. It slows down your metabolism so you burn less and therefore need less food (even less yes). As a result, you eat very little, but no longer lose weight. Due to the slowdown of the metabolism, your body can survive much better on less food. The fat that is in your body at that moment anxiously holds your body, because it prepares for a literal winter of hunger.

Why is your metabolism slowing down?

You put too little fuel in your body. If you don’t eat enough calories per day to keep things going, your body will save energy by lowering your body temperature. This slows down your metabolism. Because your body uses a lot of energy to keep your body warm, you need fewer calories. In addition, the function of your thyroid gland decreases and that process therefore also costs less energy in your body. As a counter-reaction, your body goes into the save mode.

Most people make a mistake if they want to lose weight to cut out all carbohydrates, is the view that goes nice and fast. Now that is almost impossible since carbohydrates are in many foods (including healthy ones, such as fruit and vegetables), but that aside.

Paleo cuts out the wrong carbohydrates that are low in nutrients. Cereals, processed products in the form of biscuits, chips, candy. Paleo also responds to the way of life of today. We often sit in the office all day and eat as if we burn thousands of calories every day with exercise, which is why we get overweight. You eat more than you consume, which is due to food in general, which you put in.

Carbohydrates are not a poison, you just have to banish the bad ones from your diet.

You need carbohydrates to keep your body going, but adapted to your own lifestyle and not according to the slice of five with 6 sandwiches and 3 potatoes. Carbohydrates are not a poison, you just have to banish the bad ones from your diet.
Sufficient carbohydrates in a diet is necessary. The conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone) depends on sufficient glucose and glycogen stored in the liver. If you don’t take enough carbohydrates until that process stagnates.

Other causes of a slow metabolism can include:

A shortage of fat-soluble vitamins. If you add too few healthy fats to your diet (because you are afraid that you will become fat), your metabolism will slow down.

Poor digestion can also slow down fat burning. If you suffer from bloating, constipation and a decreased appetite, you are able to absorb fewer calories.

Poor liver detoxification: if after years of “unhealthy living” you suddenly start eating according to Paleo, then of course there are still toxins in your body. Those toxins don’t disappear by themselves. These disappear due to a healthy diet and foods that contain many antioxidants that have a detoxifying effect. So you have to detox.

Too much stress. The stress hormone Cortisol is mainly responsible for the fat on your stomach. It is a hormone formed by the adrenal gland. Because cortisol also causes muscle breakdown and thus increases the blood glucose levels, it has a negative effect on your fat burning.

What is the solution?

The solution is a diet that you can keep up in the long term. As a result of which you initially lose weight, but still get enough so that your fat burning does not stagnate. With Paleo you can really lose a lot of weight very quickly, by cutting out all carbohydrates. Then it becomes a kind of Atkins diet, and you will quickly fall back into your old eating habits. What you need to do is provide enough fats and proteins and a small portion of carbohydrates. If you exercise a lot or if you are moving all day, there is nothing against eating healthy carbohydrates. Do not delete anything at all, but the right balance. So that you feed your body, that you respond to the demand for nutrients and in the meantime continue to burn fat. Keeping moving and especially not hungry, that is really not necessary.

Delayed Metabolism