4 ways to help you lose belly fat easily


4 ways to help you lose belly fat easily

Do you want to lose belly fat? In this article, I'll explain what steps you need to take to burn belly fat. Because a tight stomach and buttocks, who

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Do you want to lose belly fat? In this article, I’ll explain what steps you need to take to burn belly fat. Because a tight stomach and buttocks, who wouldn’t want that?

The step-by-step plan to lose belly fat consists of:

What is the cause of a big belly in women?
Losing belly fat from less stress in your life
Sleeping well reduces belly fat
Burn more belly fat through healthy eating
What workout should I do to lose belly fat?
Motivation and goals for getting a flat stomach
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Belly fat in women, read the cause here
There are two main reasons for a big belly in women:

You have too much of the stress hormone Cortisol in your body
You eat more calories than you burn
We will now briefly discuss both causes of that miserable belly fat. Because if you know how a big belly develops, you can then start losing belly fat.

The stress hormone cortisol ensures the production of belly fat
Cortisol is a body’s own substance, which you just need. It ensures that you wake up in the morning and get the necessary energy to start the day. But unfortunately it is true that many women suffer from stress. And stress causes an overproduction of cortisol. As a result, your liver can no longer process the hormone properly and you will produce much more belly fat than you like.

Sugars and unhealthy fats also make your body produce more cortisol. And there are even indications that cortisol makes you more hungry and therefore more snacking.

1. Lose belly fat through less stress
As you read above, stress causes the production of the cortisol. That is why it is also called the stress hormone. If you now suffer from stress, this can be an important cause of a big belly. Lowering stress in your life can therefore cause you to lose belly fat. Here are some tips to reduce stress:

How do you deal with a queue in the supermarket or a traffic jam on the highway? Our natural response to this is stress. But how else could you deal with this? If you’re queuing at the supermarket, try to relax. For example, start a conversation with someone. And when you’re in a traffic jam, put on an audiobook (or your favorite music). You can choose to enjoy!
Focus on your breathing! Take 5 minutes and focus on inhaling and exhaling deeply. Works great!
Practice meditating. Or, if you find that difficult, try one of the following exercises.
Be thankful for the things in your life. Take a moment and close your eyes. List the things for which you are grateful. These can be small things like that your belly is filled, the opportunities you have been given, the roof over your head …
Take 5 minutes and focus on 1 thing. For example, your footsteps on the ground. The wind whizzing past your face. Or the taste and texture of every bite you take.
Put on your favorite music and DANCE. This way you burn some calories right away 🙂
Move! Go for a walk or do some (stretch) exercises.

2. Smaller tummy due to better sleep
By sleeping better, your body will experience less stress. As a result, your body produces less cortisol. This has a positive effect on losing belly fat. You may wonder how you can sleep better? Here are 6 tips:

Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
Stop snoozing
Sleep in a dark room
Turn off all electrical appliances in your bedroom
Go to bed relaxed. Make sure you are relaxed the last hour before you go to sleep and don’t watch TV / your phone
Alcohol is bad for your sleep quality.

3. Lose more belly fat by eating more (healthy) food
Eating healthy activates your fat burning. The most important advice I can give you: stop eating the unhealthy, fast carbohydrates. As you know, carbohydrates are a necessary source of energy (in addition to proteins and fats). A healthy diet consists of about 30% carbohydrates. But one carbohydrate is not the other. Fast carbohydrates are mainly in food such as: bread, pasta, rice, biscuits, soft drinks and chocolate. These carbohydrates are quickly converted into sugar by your body. This will raise your blood sugar levels and make your body produce more belly fat.

Here are some tips for eating healthier:
Eat fresh vegetables with your breakfast, for example delicious in an omelet.
Preferably only eat bread or other carbohydrate-rich products once a day. You eat more varied and therefore you get more vegetables and therefore more different important nutrients.
Healthy eating is also in the amount of fiber you eat. If you think you are getting enough with whole wheat bread, then you are wrong. Fruit and vegetables provide much more fiber. Moreover, it is a must to eat a lot of vegetables, especially for a good acid-base ratio.
Eat chicken or turkey up to 2 times a week and red meat (beef) once a week. No pork.
Did you know that Licorice Root (licorice) ensures that your body produces 50% less cortisol?
With our low-carbohydrate diet you have a balanced weekly menu. Then you can be sure that you get enough of everything and nothing too much.
4. Losing a belly by training?
Exercise and sports can help you lose belly fat. However, it is true that 80% is determined by the diet you eat. You reach the other 20% through good training. What is a good workout to lose belly fat?

You would think you should do abdominal exercises to burn belly fat. Sounds logical, right? However, this is not true. Exercising your abs doesn’t cause you to burn extra belly fat. Any form of training, exercise or sport causes fat burning. And this comes from all over your body. So it is not the case that with abdominal muscles you lose belly fat.

Of course, training your abs helps to get a tight, firm abs. This can also boost the mental aspect of losing belly fat. That is why I can heartily recommend you to start training. You can easily download free apps (I myself use the app seven) to exercise without the need for equipment or a coach.

Losing belly fat, you can do it!
When you get to this section you are apparently really serious about losing belly fat. Because otherwise you wouldn’t have read this entire article. With this I want to congratulate you 🙂 Because you have taken the first step towards a flat stomach and tight buttocks.

But are you putting this into practice? It all starts with a purpose. I would like to ask you to take a moment now and think carefully about your goal for losing belly fat. You define goals in concrete terms, for example: “On 01-01-2020 I weigh… kg and my waist circumference is… cm”.

Bonus: extra motivation tips
Finally tips that I have to motivate you to finally get rid of that belly:

Think about what will happen if you do it. How do you look when you stand in front of the mirror? Back in your bikini, without being ashamed of your stomach and buttocks?
At least as important: think of what will happen to you if it doesn’t work … How bad is this in your life. What negative consequences will this have for your health and your figure?
Repeat! Think about the above positive and negative consequences every day. Visualize them. Think about it before going to sleep. And when you get up. “We are what we think” – Buddha.
Try on a bikini and look at yourself in the mirror. Would you be ready for the beach right now? You are going to die for that next workout!
When you’re on vacation the brakes go loose … Because of course you want to enjoy that delicious foreign food! Solution: You can certainly enjoy foreign food, but here too: in moderation. Don’t eat out every night and don’t forget to eat the vegetables on your plate.
I am curious, how satisfied are you with your belly & buttocks? Maybe you have questions or good ideas? Leave a comment below.

4 ways to help you lose belly fat easily