18 Tips Against Snacking After Dinner


18 Tips Against Snacking After Dinner

Sipping and snacking after dinner remains very difficult for many women. Because in the evening the urge to snack, snack and snack is greatest. Do not

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Sipping and snacking after dinner remains very difficult for many women. Because in the evening the urge to snack, snack and snack is greatest. Do not you think so?

And you know, this is not surprising. Because sugar is very addictive. That is why we list our best tips for you. With this you can bring about a change. Start a new habit. Because eating less and healthier is a matter of getting used to.

But first read these 18 tips not to give in to your sugar cravings!

18 tips against pruning and snacking

Go do something! In other words, distract yourself! By doing something, the temptation to snack is less. Fold the laundry, call someone or walk the dog. Wanting to snack is partly due to boredom. If you remove that boredom, you will also eat less. But beware: do not sit in front of the television! (you will eat more of that and you will eat more unnoticed).
Move. What also helps distractions is exercise. Go for a walk outside or turn on some music and dance your hunger out. You will soon see that you don’t even think about your hunger anymore!
Ask yourself important questions. In this way you become aware of yourself and make clearer choices. And what I often notice to myself is that when I think about it, I find out that it is just my addictive personality that asks for sugar. If I feel about it, the sugar cravings disappear. These “important” questions make you aware of your situation:

  • “Do I really want this?”
  • “Am I going to feel better if I eat sugar now?”
  • “How do I feel if I don’t do it?

Eat enough during the evening meal. Eat enough and get full. Eat enough vegetables, fats and proteins and take your time. This way you ensure that you are really full and you don’t even feel like eating sweets or snacks in the evening.
Take gum. Take (sugar-free) chewing gum and you will see that the fresh taste makes you less inclined to snack. But be careful: by taking chewing gum you can fool your stomach a bit. Chewing causes your stomach to think that food is coming (which is not the case). This makes you more hungry in the long term.
Brush your teeth. What works better than brushing your teeth? This gives the same fresh taste as chewing gum, without making you hungry. You will be less likely to eat anything.
Have a nice low-carbohydrate snack. If you really can’t hold back, go for healthy! Have a smoothie, a piece of fruit or another healthy snack. There are plenty of them, such as a whole wheat cracker with 30+ cheese, cucumber with tuna or a boiled egg. You can also choose unsalted and unroasted nuts. In a previous article we already collected 26 good snacks for you.

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Save a snack for the evening. Always keep a leftover from daytime meals for the evening. For example, if you have saved a leftover salad, you can always fall back on it if you really can no longer control your intense appetite. You will then not quickly grab something unhealthy, because you know you still have a leftover in the fridge – which is of course healthy!
Remind yourself of the risks. Remind yourself of the risks of snacking, snacking and excessive sugar consumption, and you don’t even want to give in to your desires anymore. Here are some risks:
Obesity, how will you look in front of the mirror (Totally) Never fit in your bikini again

Getting type 2 diabetes?

Do you really, really need it? Just ask yourself when you go to the closet to get chocolate, cookies or chips. Literally pause for a moment and ask yourself if the sugars you are about to take are really going to make you feel better?
Take less carbohydrates and sugars during the day. Less carbohydrates and sugars during the day = less appetite at night. Carbohydrates only temporarily satisfy your hunger and you never get the feeling that you are really full. You therefore simply exchange the unhealthy carbohydrates and sugars for healthy fats and proteins. This tip works great, because I get this daily through emails from women who follow my low-carbohydrate 50-day program. They all say that they no longer have a sweet appetite 🙂

Sleeping well helps against sweet cravings. By going to bed on time you have less appetite for sweet. Because if you sleep little, there is less leptin in your blood. Leptin is a substance that keeps you full. Instead of leptin, ghrelin is produced due to sleep deprivation. This substance promotes your appetite. So you are more hungry, but you are less full!
Do a detox cure. It is well known, if you follow a detox cure, you will kick off your sugar addiction. This is because these smoothies are super clean. In addition, detoxing is very healthy for your body.

Have a cup of herbal tea. A cup of herbal tea (without sugar, of course) or a glass of water with mint in the evening will satisfy your appetite. Drinking is very good anyway if you want to satisfy your hunger. You fill up faster and the waste products in your body are better removed. Therefore, try to drink water all day long – at least 2 liters!
Do you want to quit sugar altogether? Then read our extensive article about following a sugar-free diet!
Allow yourself to sin. Schedule a cheat day a week for sinning. On this cheatday you can have a cake with coffee, a cup of chips in the evening or a sandwich “unhealthy”. Really plan this and give it yourself. It is good for you to have a very high calorie intake every now and then.

Eat enough during the day. Not only eating enough during the evening meal prevents snacking in the evening. It is important that you eat enough throughout the day! If you eat too little in a day, your blood sugar level can be very low (even immediately after dinner). As a result, your body needs energy, so it needs sweetness. Eating enough during the day keeps your blood sugar in balance. It often starts with breakfast. If you eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast, you will have much less need to snack for the rest of the day.
This was them. Our 18 tips for you to resist the temptation to snack and sniff at night unnecessarily. What worked best for you? Let us know in the comments. If we’ve forgotten an important tip, please share it with us and the other Easy Weight Loss readers.

You have entered a path of healthy habits here. Congratulations. Ok, now what is a good next step? Download our free guide to learn how to replace sugar in your daily diet (and still feel like eating sweets). Have fun with it!

18 Tips Against Snacking After Dinner